About me 🥑.

Hi, I'm Ramon, a Senior Product Designer with 22+ years of experience working on the Creative Space.

I’m an award-winning and multidisciplinary Designer working in Web3, UI/UX, Illustration, Branding, Web design and Mobile Apps. I’m currently Senior Product Designer in the Hertility Health team.

I always try to blend the creative thought and human-centred design to produce tangible product solutions that are functional and inspiring, always looking to add value and improve end users’ lives. As a result, I have helped many companies and startups launch and grow successful change-making products using a combination of engaging UX and catchy tailor-made UI design, using a results-driven approach with users’ insights and business needs as its core.

With outside-the-box thinking, I can operate independently throughout the entire design lifecycle: research, user experience design, UI design, and post-implementation review, but at the same time, I’m a big team player and genuinely believe in the importance of collaboration with marketing and development teams to release top-notch products. I’m one of those Designers that love to sit next to the devs and create amazing things together!

Apart from all this, I’m a crazy Traveller who loves to go and visit new places all the time, always dreaming about having the chance to move to Hong Kong or Bangkok someday. I love Asian food, my fav one if you ask me, and I’m a cat person… have two furry babies, Dante and Marnie. I’m also a Mental Health promoter, as this is a vital part of my personal and work life, and I’m working to create my Meditation App.

And lastly, as you can see… I love photography!