The Work:

Digital Platform.


London, UK


2019 - 2021


UI/UX, Branding & User Testing

About the project.

The Work is a unique digital platform that offers intuitive ways to search over 200,000 global pieces of creative work, curated playlists, and spotlights on the work of individual brands and agencies. This database of creativity is organised intelligently to allow businesses to access the world’s greatest work by accolade, industry sector, brand, agency, geography or individual.

Each piece is framed by its data, context and insights, making The Work an invaluable platform that will enable creatives and marketers to do better work through collaboration, fast research, and – crucially – the ability to crack a brief quickly. The platform digitises the huge wealth of creative work that Cannes Lions recognises, transforming creative history into a powerful tool to inform future smart decision-making.


I joined THE WORK team at the same time they decided to implement a new rebranding and also a few new website sections. I was the Lead Designer working on this full-time and had a few challenges as 100% of the website needed to be redesigned in a couple of months. I also need to create a few new sections to include new content and make the web more visually attractive.

So the idea was:

  • Do all the necessary research to understand which pages and sections we will need to keep or update.
  • Create a new search solution that makes easier for our customers to find specific content across our website.  
  • Work next to the devs, content team and team stake holders to define the new web structure and new sections to be added 
  • Define the new style guides and design system for the new branding 
  • Create a new search experience as we are looking to add new sections and content (20k+ new campaigns) 


After multiple meetings and discussions with different teams, and having a better idea about what we need to accomplish for this project, we decided to move forward and starting working on:

  • Create a list to prioritise all the different web sections to start working on the rebranding
  • Create wireframes for all the new components and for the new sections
  • Conceptualise the new Webinars, Classic and Daily Inspiration section 
  • Create a separate search experience to keep the focus of our users on finding the right information related to their case.
  • Implement a new navigation as the website was growing and the idea was to create a nav pattern to be used across all the different brands websites
  • Create a new payment page to introduce the two new payment plans for Individuals and Businesses
  • Work on a new full width grid to be used on the New Daily Inspiration page
  • Try to test and work on any amends before the 60 days of our deadline

Digital Platform.



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